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Nov 08, 2017 at 08:48 AM

How to review the per work mode alert settings for a component in SAP Solution Manager 7.1?


SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP14

I have a requirement to send Red & Yellow alerts to standard email addresses during business hours, and Red alerts only to email-to-SMS addresses outside of business hours. I believe I have achieved this with the configuration steps described below, but I can't find an area in SolMan 7.1 where I can review a summary of what I have configured for a component.

  • I created recipient lists for the various email addresses required for the standard and email-to-SMS alerting.
  • I created notification variants that specified the appropriate recipient lists for Red & Yellow ("Customer standard email") and Red Only alerts ("Customer mail-to-SMS").
  • I created Work Modes that covered Business hours and Non-Business hours.
  • I then associated the Notification variants and relevant Work Modes with Technical System templates as follows:-
  • /nSOLMAN_SETUP -> Technical Monitoring -> System Monitoring -> 4 -Template Maintenance
  • Expand Templates -> Technical Instance -> SAP PI Adapter Engine 7.31 and newer
  • Select Customer-Specific-template
  • Click Edit
  • Click Expert Mode
  • Click Metrics, Events, Alerts Hierarchy
  • Click the row of the Metric to configure
  • Click Notifications
  • Select a notification variant
  • Expand the Advanced Settings section
  • Select Work Mode Peak Business Hours
  • Select Notification Variant "Customer standard email" and click Save
  • Select Work Mode Non-Peak Business Hours
  • Select Notification Variant "Customer email-to-SMS" and click Save
  • Click Managed Objects
  • Select All
  • Click Apply and Activate -> Selected managed objects only

What I believe I have achieved above is if the PO Adapter metric thresholds for yellow or red alerts are breached during business hours, SolMan sends emails to our standard desktop email addresses. If they are breached for red alerts outside of normal business hours, SolMan sends emails to our mail-to-SMS service.

What I would like to see is a screen or report in SolMan that confirms that both of those Work Mode specific notification settings are active for that PO system. Does anyone know how or where this is shown?

Many thanks in advance.