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SAPHR ABAP copy employee records (OM, PA, PY records) from PROD to QA/DEV


I would like to ask if there are ways to copy the OM, PA and PY (including payroll records) of an employee from production to QA system via ABAP Program. I have already created the RFC connection and saw some RFC enabled Function modules but there are limitations to it.

RFC_GET_TABLE_ENTRIES - copies all entries in the given table. problem here is that we cannot filter the selection per employee.

TABLE_ENTRIES_GET_VIA_RFC - has limitations with the table width. cannot copy data with more than 2091 characters per line

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2 Answers

  • Nov 08, 2017 at 07:08 AM
    • Good luck with the cluster files (PCL*)
    • RFC_GET_TABLE_ENTRIES allows a from/to key, a FM like RFC_READ_TABLE carries a OPTIONS parameter for WHERE clause
    • Did you consider building your own RFC FM (and in it using some valid HR FM)
    • Does the HRD agree with copy of such data (in Europe beware GDPR/RPGD)
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    • thank you.

      well actually i was now able to create a custom FM to get all infotype records of an employee. My problem now is with the payroll results.

      Well my lead proposed to do this with the HRD. I am still checking if this will be feasible and how sure will i be that all the needed data will be properly copied.

  • Nov 08, 2017 at 07:15 AM

    there are several third party products that do exactly what you need, e.g. Accenture's Clone&Test

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    • ok.

      PA tables to copy is not a big thing.

      write your own RFC function module "copy_any_table" and get the infotype tables from T777D.

      be aware that there are secondary infotypes defined in T582V and T582W.

      and don't forget cost distribution (ASSOB etc.), postings (PPOIX etc.), time events (TEVEN etc) ...

      good luck.