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Former Member
Jan 21, 2008 at 11:50 AM

How to change the reason in a ICWC-followup-process with the copying-BAdI?


Hi all,

I want to use the followup- and docflow-functionality in ICWC to copy most of the information from one process to another.

I made the definition of a copying control in the customizing -> working with a new BAdI and the copying routine. Everything works fine so far: I can get/change the description in the BAdIs ORDERADM_H method or the ibase information REFOBJ method for examples.

The question is now how to get/change the reason of the process?

Working with the genil_model_browser the reason is located in BTOrderHeader->BTHeaderBOSSet->BTSubjectSet_F->BTSubject_A1. Where can I find the reason in the BAdI methods?

Thanks for your help.