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Jan 21, 2008 at 10:44 AM

Defining SLD Target Systems for DEV, QAS & PRD


In a 3 tier XI landscape (DEV, QAS, PRD) which of the following two scenarios is best?

1. In the SLD define each DEV Business System with a target of the corresponding QAS Business System and define each QAS Business System with a target of the corresponding PRD Business System.

DEV ---> QAS ---> PRD

This means that we export ID objects from DEV and then import them into QAS. The objects then need to be exported from QAS for import into PRD

2. In the SLD define the DEV Business Systems with 2 target systems relating to corresponding QAS and PRD Business Systems.



This means that the same export from DEV can be used for import to both QAS and PRD.

Currently we have scenario 1 implemented but I am thinking of changing this to scenario 2 which I believe is a better solution as only one export is required and it is guaranteed that the same objects are being imported into QAS and PRD.

Any thoughts or comments?