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Jan 21, 2008 at 08:54 AM

prc procedure


Hello, dear colleagues

I have a challenge to set up pricing according to customer requirement. The procedure should calculate price as following:

1) price list price (200 eur)

2) Discount A (5%)

Discount B (10%)


3) Promotions (100 eur)


System should propose the best price for customer comparing: (Price list price minus applied discount) and (Promotion price).

Exclusion does not work, because it compares condition rates and not values. For discounts I have a percentage (for instance – 10%) but promotions is base price (100 eur).

System calculates: 10% is less than 100 eur, so lets aplay 10% discaunt instead of (200eur - 10% = 180eur "w/ discount") and (100eur "promotion")

Does anybody know how to fulfil such requirement?

Many thanks