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Variant Configuration for multi level BOM Issue.

Dear All,

Our client follow MTO scenario. Only after getting order from customer they'll come to know in what combination to produce like (Red colour, Goat leather, white color button, zip model A etc..) So i have a small sample multi level Super BOM as follows,


0010) GRADED LEATHER (SFG) *Grading is a process to determine size of jacket*

0010) Goat leather (RM)


0020) Sheep leather(RM)

0020) COMPANY BRAND LOGO (SFG) *Specifically in-house so maintained as SFG*




Now what client expects is,after entering FG in sales order, they must have the provision to choose which leather and which logo to be used for producing.

So now how to proceed for this?

i know the steps of variant config, but i am confused with two things:

1) What to maintain as characteristics whether colour, zip model etc or create charac same as SFGs,so if they choose BOM component "Graded leather", further they will get options to choose which Animal leather. (I have decided to go with SFGs for certain materials which are produced in-house in separate sections which are finally joined to bring FG).

2) To achieve the multi level BOM Component selection, how to write syntax. For instance if they choose BOM item LOGO, it will display all the sub items LOGO materials in that plant,then later they'll choose from it whichever they want.

They cant create individual BOMs for all FGs since they cant predict earlier itself how the combination will come.

Kindly help with this, i'm stuck with the mapping of BOM here.


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