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Webi consuming report output in another report and displaying 2 reports in one page

Nov 06, 2017 at 11:19 PM


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Hi Experts, this requirement is so complex so reaching for your help.

I am doing a report to display the percentages of how many materials met the target.

I have to compare material cost with last data qty value ( dates will be dynamic, report may have 10 dates or it can have 20 dates but I need to take always the last date value)

If the last date value is less than cost then it means target missed.

1). The data set from row 17 to 29 is actually a report output which came by using 2 queries , so this is source for report 1. User should not see this data set. Every day this report should go to user inbox automatically.

Please tell me how to consume the report output as input for report1.

2). Report 1, we need to display the percentage of materials which met target

Total(A37) in blue is for Plant and Total(F33) in white is for Type

2.1) Cell C34 calculation. We have 3 materials of type RAW and Plant IN10 i.e row 22,23,24.

Out of 3 we met 2 and 1 missed target. So formula = (Targets achieved/Targets missed)*100 = 2/3*100 = 66.66%

2.2) Row 37 Total calculation We need to count all materials in Plant and see how many achieved target. Cell C37 , we have 5 materials in plant IN10(blue) .

Formula = (Targets achieved/Targets missed)*100 = 3/5*100 = 60%

2.3) Total(F33) calculation We need to count all materials with same type and see how many achieved target. Cell F34, we have 5 materials with type Raw (lavender) .

Formula = (Targets achieved/Targets missed)*100 = 3/5*100 = 60%

3.) Below report 1 we need to display another report with all the materials which missed targets.

Please kindly help.

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