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Jan 20, 2008 at 09:51 AM

plz answer some questions


hi to all,

please answer this questions which i faced in an interview today modifications and enhancements are stored in which table

2.what is the standard program to check the consistency of partner profiles

3.what is the standard program to transport transaction variants and screen variants

4.what is the field to be used in field catalog of an ALV report to hide the relevant column in the list

5.while running bdc for call transaction method, in gui_upload function we use filetype 'ASC' for tab delimited seperated data. like that for csv(comma delimited) data what we have to use as filetype??? ie FILETYPE = ?????

6.what is the difference between functional spec and technical spec

7.What is the reason, a BDC program is working in 'A' mode but not in 'N' mode

8.when run my program in se38 it was showing output, when i take background execution and giving printer details it was shoing out put. but in SP01 when i give the Spool Request Number it was showing not yet processed entire page why it happens i dont know please give me a solution.

9.what is the main use of package