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Jan 20, 2008 at 07:38 AM



Dear Guys

I am using a RFC function STFC_CONNECTION to test RFC connection to XI from System A (4.7). I created a TCP/IP type destincation having gateway name sapgw00 and ip address of XI. Also registered a program with name XI in J2ee engine.

Connection Testing is successful. I also created two communication channel. Sender and Receiver both have parameters pointing to System A. As System A will send and receive the message back.

But I am getting the following errors.

Current I am trying to Test connection through STFC_CONNECTION RFC. RFC is also returning the following error.

Incompatible Bean Type No Processing Function Found.

RFC Communication channel is using a module named RfcAFBean. What is this RfcAFBean and is the above errors are due to RfcAFBean.