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Can't invoke the replication task - Oracle 12c to SCP

Nov 06, 2017 at 01:27 PM


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I'm trying to setup a SDI realtime replication scenario using the OracleLogReaderAdapter. Following the blog and the HANA academy videos I got stuck during activation of the replication task.

After various errors due to priviliges concerning _SYS_REPO user and solving these I got this error:
(SQL Editor) Could not execute 'CALL "SDI_USER"."sdi::ORACLE2HANA.START_REPLICATION"()' Error: (dberror) 256 - sql processing error: "SDI_USER"."sdi::ORACLE2HANA.START_REPLICATION": line 42 col 3 (at pos 1764): [256] (range 3) sql processing error exception: sql processing error: QUEUE: sdi::ORACLE2HANA.SUB_VT_HR_EMPLOYEES: Failed to add subscription for remote subscription sdi::ORACLE2HANA.SUB_VT_HR_EMPLOYEES[id = 164117] in remote source Oracle12c[id = 163278]. Error: exception 151050: CDC add subscription failed: Failed to add the first subscription. Error: Replication Agent requesting Java Virtual Machine exit with message: Error while trying to register LogAdmin with the bean manager.

As you can see the owner of the remote source is SDI_USER. The remote source is displayed and I can create a virtual table and open the content. The error occurs while activating the created replication task. The problem seems to be the connection between DPAgent and Oracle 12c DB.
Has anybody the same error or a solution to solve this problem?

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