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Jan 19, 2008 at 06:04 AM

ECS value is coming in the PO, but not coming in the MIGO-Excise Item


Hi to all,

I m firing the MIGO t-Code,

Then giving the PO number,

Then giving the Invoice Number and the fiscal year,

Then in the General tab giving the Doc. date and Posting date and also ticking the Item OK check Box. and pressing enter

Now the Excise Item tab is displayed, my problem is that the BED and SECess field value is coming but the ECS value is not coming.

Can anyone help me in this problem.

I want that ECS value has to be come in this field as BED and SECess field values are coming.

ECS value is coming in the Purchase Order, but not coming in the Excise Item tab & all value Greater than 100 Rs.

I already maintained following Condition –

Cond. Type Condition Name %

JMIP BED inventory % 16%

JMX2 A/P BED inventories 100%

JEC3 ECS Excise Inventories 2%

JHX3 A/P ECS Inventories 100%

JSEI A/P SECess inventories 1%

JHX2 A/P SECess Inventories 100%

Thanks in advance.