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IDT - cannot detect canges


I have recently upgraded to Information Design Tool V4.1 SP6

I'm using Teradata V15.0 ODBC Drivers for my connection.

When I retrieve a Universe (.blx) from our repository with a view to adding new columns it can no longer detect any of my tables.

However, if I try and count the rows in a 'missing' table it brings the count back.

That doesn't make sense

I can bring tables in again by starting from scratch but that is a long drawn out process.

The Owner is the database name; the qualifier is null and cannot be changed.

Any advice appreciated


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  • have you refreshed the structure to get the newly added column in the table?

    or you can see the new column in Data foundation but not available in the Business layer?

  • Hi,

    My new column is in a table in the existing Data foundation. (.dfx)

    When I use refresh/detect it cannot find this table.

    If I look for it manually via the connection I can see the table and new column.

    A colleague of mine is having the same issue. He says there may be some sort of workaround by changing some of the internal switches rgarding qualifiers and owner but I don;t know the detail.

    Fortunately someone else has V4.0 which works but it is not an ideal situation

    Thanks for any insight

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1 Answer

  • May 01, 2018 at 08:52 PM


    a follow-up to this problem.

    A work-around was found by renaming all the names of the objects to uppercase.

    Somehow, with the last upgrade, the refresh/detect feature became casespecific.

    The underlying phyical tablenames are a mixture of upper and lowercase

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