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Jan 18, 2008 at 09:12 PM

Tcode vf01 versus Tables / Help on Extraction


In R3, with the tcode vf01, I entered a billing number and was able to see under Item Details for an Item #20, the Billed Quantity, Net Weight, Gross Freight and Pricing Date.

Also, under the Conditions tab, I saw Profit Margin and, Shipping and Handling.

1. While in R3, is there a way to see the name of the table which contains all the fields mentioned above, the invoice Number, item Number and Material Number.

I suspect this will be EKKO of EKPO but if I did not know this through readings, is there a way to see the particular table while in the tcode vf03?

2. So, for testing purposes on the development system, I want to extract only the above mentioned fields into an ODS in BW. Can you give me the steps in your own words since some documents I have see already from SAP are too detail and I find it difficult to follow.