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Former Member
Jan 18, 2008 at 08:29 PM

ECC 6.0 Upgrade & changes required in programs


In case of a version upgrade to ECC 6.0, the programs would need to be changed. Some changes in the programs would be required to meet unicode compliance, while some changes would be required due to version upgrade (constructs becoming obsolete, etc). I guess the unicode related issues could be found by using the UCCHECK transaction and then resolved by making changes and again checking using this transaction, but is there some way to find out what issues would arise due to version upgrade? (The programs work fine in the lower version which is 4.6c). One way would be to actually check the programs in runtime and then handling the issues faced. But if we don't want to test all the programs, then is there some tool, or any best practice which would minimize the chance of having issues in the programs (and might be in help in solving the issues)?