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Jan 18, 2008 at 07:09 PM

Live Cache performance issue with UoM conversion


Hello, we're experiencing significant drop in performance when updating / saving Time Series KeyFigure values in APO DP.

The problem seems to occur when users are switching to alternative UOM in interactive planning.

For example, when editing data on aggregate level with 850+ corresponding Characteristic Value Combinations(CVC) on the lowest level, saving 12 KF's takes:

15 seconds in Planning Area UOM(Unit of Measure)

795 seconds in Alternative UOM

With persistant aggregates defined, it is having little impact on performance.

From Application server perspective, we're seing that 99% of the time is spent in LC stored procedure SAPTS_SET_DATA (which invokes LCA functionality), but have no further visibility as to what is happenning inside the LCA.

We're looking for any suggestions on how to trace / debug what is going on inside LCA and how performance can be optimized.

More specifically we're trying to understand how LCA obtains product master UOM conversion factors:

1)are these stored in livecache

2)are these being passed to SAPTS_SET_DATA as a parameter (this seems unlikely)

3)is LCA accessing OLTP (/SAPAPO/MARM table) directly

(any links on how stored procedure is processed will also be helpful)

Will surely reward points for helping