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BW 7.4 openhub loading issue

Nov 09, 2017 at 12:29 PM


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Dear experts,

I am using BW on hana with 7.4 version ,and now I am facing a issue on openhub.

the openhub destination is a database table on a third oracle database. when running the dtp from DSO(not advanced DSO) to openhub destination , it always run into a abap dump saying that 'sql error :sql code -2' occurred while accessing table "/bic/ohxxx".

the weird thing is, In DTP option ,when the package size is set as 1 record, the DTP running will be sucessfully loaded ,but when the package size is more than 1 record , it will result in abap dump , the hint in ST22 refers to a line '>>> insert (p_s_dbtab-dbtab) connection (p_conn)'

I think it means that it only allows to insert database table one record one by one, but I have huge data to be loaded. the database connection between BW and oracle database is well , and the connecton user authrizatoin is enough.

why one record is allowed ,but more than one in a package is not allowed. could anyone help me on this? I don't wanna the anwser that please contact dba or basis guys.

Thanks you all.


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1 Answer

Andras Margitics
Nov 10, 2017 at 09:45 AM

Dear Johnny,

1. It would help if you checked the workprocess log for more details about the error.

Open the dump and search for details about:

- Application server
- Work process number

Then open SM50 and open the WP logs, search for date/time of dump. There must be more important information.

2. Also, check if this note relevant:

2065393 - The old data is not deleted from DB with Deleting Data from Table when DB Connection is used.

3. Update your DBSL to the latest patch level

1261329 - DBA Cockpit: Oracle as a remote database

Regards, Andras

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