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Sap B1 AddOn conncetion problem

Hello, Im' trying to log connect to sap b1 from my AddOn.

It works on the development machine, and when deployed it works on some of the computers.But on one of the servers (Widnows server 2012 R2) it gives me the following message:

I already tried running SAP B1 as administrator. The machine is 64 bit. But I'm making 32 bit addon and using 32 bit SAP Busines One Client.

Here is the code that I'm using:

  SboGuiApi guiApi; 
  guiApi = new SboGuiApi(); 
  if (Environment.GetCommandLineArgs().Length == 1) 
    connectionString = "0030002C0030002C00530041005000420044005F00440061007400650076002C0050004C006F006D0056004900490056"; 
    connectionString = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs().GetValue(1).ToString(); 
catch (Exception ex) 
  MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Connection error: {0}, connection string: {1}", ex.Message, connectionString));
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