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Jan 18, 2008 at 02:40 PM

performance issue with select query and for all entries.



i have a report to be performance tuned.

the database table has around 20 million entries and 25 fields.

so, the report fetches the distinct values of two fields using one select query.

so, the first select query fetches around 150 entries from the table for 2 fields.

then it applies some logic and eliminates some entries and makes entries around 80-90...

and then it again applies the select query on the same table using for all entries applied on the internal table with 80-90 entries...

in short,

it accesses the same database table twice.

so, i tried to get the database table in internal table and apply the logic on internal table and delete the unwanted entries.. but it gave me memory dump, and it wont take that huge amount of data into abap memory...

is around 80-90 entries too much for using "for all entries"?

the logic that is applied to eliminate the entries from internal table is too long, and hence cannot be converted into where clause to convert it into single select..

i really cant find the way out...

please help.