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Duplicate PO condition in konv table

Nov 09, 2017 at 05:41 AM


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Received a query from client when they created a PO with condition type ZPST value as 1,207,128.00

but when they previewed print output (abap developed smartform) value of ZPST appeared as 1,205,230.00.

I consulted my abaper and he confirm that the smartform is fine. I then checked in konv table and I found that both the values 1,205,230.00 and 1,207,128.00 were there in the table, one as manual and the other as header

The smartform is picking the first value from the table, I could not understand when the value 1,207,128.00 is entered in the PO where the other value has come from. I also looked into the item changes and found that the condition value was changed several times in the past and one of them was also1,205,230.00 but when it was finally changed to 1,207,128.00 the previous one should be overwritten, kindly help me in sorting out the issue.


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Dibyendu Patra Nov 09, 2017 at 06:19 AM

The second entry (without item) describes header condition. Read the OSS note 876617 - FAQ: Header conditions/header condition screen

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Dear Patra,

Thankyou for your answer, you are absolutely right that one of them is header, my one confusion is cleared. Please also clear why value of header is different in table konv 1,205,230.00 when it is showing 1,207,128.00 in the po in both header and item level



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These value are stored dynamically. In this OSS note, it has been written that you should not access the value of these fields KAWRT and KWERT for your custom printout program (read the option 8 in that OSS note).

Or as workaround, you can ignore the header data. You can only fetch the item data by making a condition in your custom printout program (e.g. KPOSN not equal to blank)

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Resolved. Thank you so much Patra