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Nov 09, 2017 at 11:42 AM

PAL ANOMALY DETECTION Structure/Architecture


I have another question towards the SAP PAL Anomaly Detection (AD) which is installed on HANA version1 in my case.

I have a column which holds data in an ordinal fashion. Such as Red = 1, Orange = 2 and Yellow = 3, in order to map the distances between the colours in one variable. However, for this variable/column the centres are defined as 0, which does not make any sense since i defined them in a numerical/ordinal fashion. Could it be that the AD filtered the variable for its characteristics?

In case this is an AD algorithm specific issue: To my undestanding the AD works as K-Means, could i simply use a KMeans which finds its number of clusters itself, and then use it as alternative? I would of course have to calculate the distances to their cluster centres but that is the topic of another thread.

Thanks in advance

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