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Jan 18, 2008 at 08:28 AM

bsp with flow logic


hi all,

i have a query regarding bsp with flow logic.

if i will give air line id and press the submitt button ,it have 2 display the table with the details of airline id,flight date,airfare,available seats with in the same page.

i done almost.but the problem is while giving the input,apart from the input field,it is givinig header details also.i dont want it while giving the input.after giving the input only i want to display all the details.

i given the code like this.plz solve the problem

<%@page language="abap" %>




demo page




Airline ID: <input name= "carrid" /> <br>

<input value="submit" type= "submit"/>





  • header details

<td width= "150" align= "left"><b>airline code</b></td>

<td width= "150" align= "left"><b>flight date</b></td>

<td width= "150" align= "left"><b>airfare</b></td>

<td width= "150" align= "left"><b>available seats</b></td>



loop at planeflights into flight.

availableseats = flight-seatsmax - abs( flight-seatsocc ) .


**item details


<td width= "150" align= "left"><%= flight-carrid %></td>

<td width= "150" align= "left"><%= flight-fldate %></td>

<td width= "150" align= "left"><%= flight-price %></td>

<td width= "150" align= "left"><%= availableseats %></td>



clear availableseats.

endloop. %>