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Jan 18, 2008 at 06:04 AM

Type Conflict with the FM is_settype_cat-func_read_multi parameter



There was a Set Type generated in CRM 4.0.It generated an automated FM ZOM_ZKMAT_PID_READ_MULT and its Exporting Parameter is of table type ZKMAT_PID_MV_TAB and this Table type is of Standard Table declared.We have gone for the Upgrade from CRM 4.0 to 5.0.

Now, after the Upgrade, this FM is throwing Dump by saying there is a "Type Conflict when calling the FM "ZOM_ZKMAT_PID_READ_MULT". This FM is getting called from the Call Function

"is_settype_cat-func_read_multi" dynamically. The Importing Parameter in the Calling FM

"is_settype_cat-func_read_multi" is of type any table and it is becoming a SORTED TABLE in the runtime environment.

So as its throwing a Dump at the time of Delta Changes to the Material data which is related to the Set type generated in CRM 4.0 version.

So my question is whether do we have to Re Generate the Set Type again in CRM 5.0 version, as it is becoming a tediuos process because may be this Set Type is linked with other systems other than R/3 which we are in need now.

Is there any alternate solution for this Type Conflict issue.

I am not sure whether it works if I change the Exporting parameter of the FM ZOM_ZKMAT_PID_READ_MULT to Type Any and Sorted Table, since it is the FM generated automatically by the Custom Set Type.

So could you give some suggestion if there any Upgrade issue with this.