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Jan 18, 2008 at 04:59 AM

Implementation Help Required


Hi Guru's

This is my First Project And i am Expecting to give my best for this project with you all ppl's precious guidance as i am a toddler in this feild will learn and become a technocrat with you all ppl's support.

I have completed Blue print and done the configuratin with the help of Building Block which was available in SAP Best practise on Sand box server.

Guru's i require the help will you please guide me ahead in my project,there varous thing to be more configured ,for the fleet object how to configure primary counter and secondary counter, as i am working on ECC 6.0 is there any tab in master data where the equipment's maintenance history can be seen as in R/3 4.7 there is ser data tab where we can locate the history of equipment but in ecc 6.0 there is no tab found i know we can get by std report but is there any other way in master data .

for what purpose we should define characterstic and class ,and in Catalog what is ment by Events ,Activities and Task what we ahve to define in that.

I hope you ppl will come ahead and help me,if you ppl want to share some data you ppl are always welcome my email

Thank you