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Jan 18, 2008 at 01:30 AM

AE and CC Integration - Control Management Approver


A CC Control Approver is responsible for approving the control and identifying appropriate Mitigation Monitors. Approvers should also ensure monitors are executing applicable controls within the period frequency stated within a Mitigating Control.

With CC in isolation someone granted the Approver responsibility does not actually have the ability to "Approve" per say within the CC tool. It has always been my understanding that it is a label indicating the individual who at the end of the day is accountable for the control.

However, with AE and the ability to integrate using the workflows it makes sense to me that a new control can be forwarded to the individual selected as the Approver to confirm the control. However, we are finding that there is no apparent way of doing this.

The only method I can find is by integrating CC Control Approval with AE workflow by manually mapping the Approver ID Attribute from CC as a value to the identical Approver ID from the UME within a CAD. However, you can see how much work this can be - especially itÂ’s a one to one mapping where the left and right of the CAD mapping is identical.

There is a proper method of doing this so that you can integrate the Control Approver into the workflow.