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Import/Update Price List - very slow

Nov 07, 2017 at 09:45 PM


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We are trying to update price list in SAP and we tried using both DTW and Import from Excel option in SAP. Both of these processes took hours to import with only 1400 items.

Is this a known issue, are there any other options available?

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2 Answers

Johan Hakkesteegt Nov 08, 2017 at 08:25 AM


Importing and updating is a relatively slow process in B1. Both the DTW and the client's import tool use the DI API, so there is not a lot of difference between the two.

Updating 1400 items you can expect to take 20 - 120 minutes, depending on your B1 and database versions, server and network hardware, and on how many users are logged in and using the system, at the moment you are performing the update.

A common culprit is WIFI / WLAN, B1 likes a strong and stable network signal, and WIFI / WLAN is relatively weak and inherently unstable. If it is not already, try connecting the workstation that you are running the B1 client or DTW on, with a cable to the network.

If I remember correctly, Former Member explained in an answer once, how theoretically the DI Server, or at least xml, is faster. However, this would require you to implement the DI Server, and create your own import tool, and you would probably still not save a whole lot of time.

Some general tips when you need to update large numbers of items:

  • Try to do it outside business hours. A long process like this can lock up and/or slow down the system.
  • Divide the data into multiple import files. Multiple smaller sets of data will update faster than one big one.
  • If you think you need to update item data very often, try to rethink the entire process. Can your goal (the reason you are performing the updates) be achieved in some other way?
  • If you only need to update User Defined Fields, you should consider using direct sql, which will be a lot faster. I repeat: only User Defined Fields.



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Hema Prajapati Nov 08, 2017 at 07:26 PM

Thanks Johan, I was testing the update on the test database so there were no users logged in, no other processes running, and workstation is connected with a cable to the network.

If I manually update the item price in SAP, it took a second for an item while DTW/"Import from Excel" took 15 secs for a single item.

The file with 1400 items took 6 hours. There is SBO_PostTransactionNotice procedure running for each item and warehouse which might be the reason.

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You are quite right, methods like the SBO_PostTransactionNotice stored procedure and Formatted Searches can also have an impact.

With SBO_PostTransactionNotice, you can easily test this. Temporarily turn it off, by commenting out the user code (/* your code here */) while you perform the import.