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BOBJ XI R2 to 4.2 upgrade

Hi All, I am doing an upgrade of XIR2 to 4.2 SP4. I have done many individual installs of 3.x/4.x and SP upgrades but this is my first major version ugprade. So, I would request that you help me with my questions below based on your real life R2/R3 upgrade experiences:

1) The source system has all enteprise accounts but in target 4.2 system, we want to leverage AD authentication. Should I still migrate all users and groups to the target system ? what would be the option that requires minimal rework of security ?

2) When converting Deskis to Webis, Should we also migrate and convert all the instances of deskis ? Is it really worth it ? What have you done in the past on your ugprade projects ?

3) A lot of users have saved the deskis on their desktops. Should I ask them to run RCT tool themselves to convert or shall I ask them to upload to repository and then I shall convert those for them ? Who does the local report conversion normally ? the end user, the developer or the bobj admin ?

4) Is there a way to copy the schedules along with reports ? or do we need to reschedule the reports manually in new system ? What is the approach you have taken in past ? Any pros and cons ?

5) In the Report Conversion Tool, there is any option to compare the reports before you publish the converted webis to repository ? It seems to take quite a bit to run. Is it worth running for all reports ?

6) To convert deskis to webis, is it better to first use UMT to bring the deskis to new system and run RCT to convert them OR simply run RCT in a live to live mode ? I have noticed that first approach results in both deskis and webis in target 4.2 system but the second approach only results in webis. Any suggestions on what is better and why ? Is it even a good idea to keep deskis in new system ?

7) In RCT, when i publish the webis, it saves all the converted webis in "Report Conversion Tool" folder even if i choose "save reports in same folder as source" option !! Any ideas why ? I have created the same folders in target system in advance.

8) When converting user local reports to webi, should we also convert deskis in user inbox and favourites folders ?

I appreciate you looking into my questions and sharing your real life experiences.

Thanks BV

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5 Answers

  • Nov 07, 2017 at 07:39 PM

    I'll answer what I can :

    1) Migrate users, assign ad aliases to existing enterprise ones - that's the least complex approach

    2) I don't think you can convert deski instances.

    3) Sounds like you need to create project to assess deski usage and decide if you need to do conversion or you need to make new reports in webi, as well as assess if it feasible to bring user pers docs or not.

    4) Migration/UMG brings schedules in.

    6) If you bring deski to Bi4, you can them in XI3.1 Sp7 Deski client. If you don't bring them - you have to convert them if they are needed.

    8) If users require it.

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  • Nov 07, 2017 at 08:00 PM

    The following is my opinion, as I have not actually done an upgrade from XIr2 to Bi4.2 (although I did do quite a bit of work with RCT during an XI3.1 -> BI4.1 upgrade).

    1) If you migrate the enterprise users first, then those enterprise IDs will be aliased with the Win AD IDs when they are created. The benefit of this is that when a user logs in with their Win AD credentials, they will automatically be associated with their "old" enterprise ID, and they will see the same content. If you don't do this, then the users will lose their Favorites, Inbox documents, and other owned objects.

    2) Depends on whether you want to be able to access those instances going forward. There are no DeskI services in BI4, so you would not be able to view an instance unless it was converted. There was a "DeskI Compatibility Pack" which allowed a DeskI client to connect to a BI4.1 server. I'm not sure if that still works in BI4.2 or not, but that would be the only way to open a DeskI report.

    3) As administrator, I did all of the Deski->WebI conversions. The RCT is really buggy and not intended to be an end-user tool. Also, in "local" mode, you can only work with unsecured documents and universes.

    4) The RCT will convert instances, but I'm honestly not sure if it will convert recurring schedules. We didn't have any on ours, so it wasn't a factor for us.

    5) I didn't use it.

    6) If live-to-live works for you, then that's probably the way to go. No, I don't think there's much value in keeping the DeskI documents in the Bi4.2 system -- as I mentioned above, there's nothing you can do with them anyway.

    7) Did you manually create the folders in the BI4.2 environment? If so, the folders will have different CUIDs than the XIr2 system, and that's probably why it's not recognizing them. Try first using UMT to just bring over the empty folders.

    8) That really depends on how badly your users want them!

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    • 1) In our particular case, the vast majority of our DeskI users only had reports stored in a common file share; they were not using Personal Documents. So, there were only a handful that had Personal Docs to be converted. We did convert these & delete the original DeskI docs.

      2) Each user will have a minimum of three objects: the user itself, the favorites folder, and the inbox. UMT's dependency view is not very intuitive, so it's difficult to discern the objects associated with a particular user. This was the biggest headache for me going from XI3 to BI4.

      3) Since BI4.1 SP05 or so, FHSQL reports are converted into WebI reports with FHSQL queries. Prior to that, a universe would be created with a derived table containing the original FHSQL query. The generated WebI report would then be associated with this universe and derived table. The conversions that I did were on XI3 and BI4.1 SP03-4, so my FHSQL conversions were all universe-based. If I was to do it now, I would likely use the default mode.

      4) Yes, absolutely. Not only for the reason you mention, but to confirm that the converted WebI reports are producing the same results as the original DeskI reports.

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    Nov 09, 2017 at 09:28 PM

    Thanks you Joe & Denis for your very helpful answer. 2 follow up questions:

    1) On your projects, did you copy over the user favourites and inbox documents ? If so, did you convert the deskis in those folders to webis as well ? I guess it would make sense to convert them if you move them because otherwise deskis will be useless in the new system

    2) As per your feedback, I also want to move the users to the new systems. But i am noticing that when i choose the users, it is bringing in about 2000 other objects along with the user id and all the groups that the user might belong to. What are those ~ 2000 objects ?? like old deski instances and stuff ? what if i dont want to bring in old instances to the new ssytem ? because I dont plan to convert them for the end users anyways.

    3) How to handle freehand sqls because it is also supported in bi 4.2 now ? I chose the option "convert free hand sql/stored procedures" in RCT. But I did not create any registry entry that creates the universes for these free hand sqls. So what does it do in this case ? Does it convert without creating any universes ? what is the best approach as per your experience ?

    4) Is it a good idea to keep the old XI R2 system around for some time if the users want to look at the deskis in old instances or inbox folders ? (in case we decide to not to convert old instances and inbox docs ) ? any experience in this regards ?



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  • Nov 10, 2017 at 01:57 PM

    1. It depends on the business case. For some clients, i moved user Inboxes and Favorites, for some I did not. Depending on use case. If the users wanted to convert the deski reports, yes you need to.

    2. When you are moving the users, if you choose the option "Dependencies", then it will move all the favorities/Inboxes. You should able to see in the next screen listed the objects for that user.

    3. In 4.2, FHSQL reports, it will not create universe, it is just connection will be created.

    4. You can keep XIR2 for sometime, slowly face out the system.

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    Nov 10, 2017 at 05:56 PM

    Thanks Jawahar for your valuable feedback. One issue i am facing while doing live to live conversion using RCT is that, for reports saved in user folders, it is moving them all to "report conversion tool" folder in the target system instead of the user's personal folder !! I am choosing the option "save in the same folder as source" but still it is doing that. Any idea why ?

    Is it because R2 has a separate folder called "user folders" and its not there in 4.x ? Any way to move them in user's personal folder automatically ?



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