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Nov 07, 2017 at 05:14 PM

BI Crystal Enterprise Publication fails


Hi All,

Can you help?

When packaging a number of Crystal reports as a publication, the publication fails with error :

Parameter field(s): {XXXXXXI} are in use and require a value. (CRS 300014) (CRS 300002)

Document XXXXXXX failed for the following users:XXXXXXXX These users had the following profile values:[No profile values]

Each of the Crystal reports contain hidden Parameters, which are referenced in formulas within the reports, with the purpose of hiding data in particular sections of the reports.

Each report, runs OK when viewed in isolation and the report produces the correct output, it is only when the reports are packaged in a publication that they fail.

My understanding is that for Crystal Report publications the publication is expecting the parameter values to be populated via a user/group profile within the personalization settings of the publication.

I have tried the following:

1. I changed parameters in one of the underlying reports from 'hidden' to 'prompt to user'

2. I created a simple user profile in the CMC for one user account and assigned a profile value relevant to the parameter in the report. - Note I am not a BO administrator but was able to do this in a test environment.

3. I created a new publication with just one Crystal Report and set the default parameter values via personalization settings. The publication runs and I receive the correct report output.

4. I then tried to add an additional Crystal report to the new publication and publication fails with a similar error.

5. The additional crystal report that I added to the publication also contains parameters, however this parameter will have a value different to the first parameter set in the user profile value.

Is it possible to have multiple parameters in crystal reports and package the reports in a publication when each report has difference parameters.

How do you specify multiple parameter values in a profile and link the profile value to the report parameter

Does anyone have documeted steps?

Thank you.