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Jan 17, 2008 at 08:27 PM

Need Help on Master Data



I have 2 questions :

1. We have a cube which is getting lot of requests with 0 records (as the start routine is filtering by cond type) and also we have some requests getting the data with some values but most of the rows are 0's. Our report performance is very slow...I need to increase the speed...Can any one let me know the steps how to increase the performance of BW report. R/3 report is getting the data in less than 10 secs where as our BW report taking more than 2 mins....Do I need to compress the infocube ? / is there any other way of increasing the performance ?

2. I have a start routine calling a function module to get the Business Type (deriving from Division and Material group). The texts for this Business type are available in a text table ....Now my question is I need to add one more business type in the start routine with a new divisiion and mat group....I have updated the start routine funciton module with the changes ...also for the texts I went to the text table and added a new record for new business type...So once I have done this I tried loading the master data for that object and I can able to see the new business type in all the targets after I ran attr change run...When I was adding the new record in Text table its not prompted me for request...So when I do this Dev , how should I tranport the new record to prod ?

Please advice...