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MDK aka App Modeler issue with trial account BrandedSettings.JSON file..

Nov 07, 2017 at 08:52 AM


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Hello Experts,

We participated @TechEd 2017 sessions, we are trying to achieve MDK(aka App Modeler) sample application by consuming sample mobile services.

Here we are facing issue with SEAM client generation.

After client generation ->start button – > login page couldn’t load with our cloud platform trail account settings.

We have done proper settings in BrandedSettings.JSON file configuration.

Please find below screenshot for your reference.

We have setup below things in BrandedSettings.json file


Client ID

Server URL

Redirect URL

Authorization URL

Token URL

But with same settings for TechEd user it was working fine.

We have cross verified with modified URL and everything is same but still it didn’t work for our cloud platform Trail account.

Do we need any other authorization to achieve this or Is there any way to achieve with our trail account?

We have used different versions of SDK such as SAP Mobile SDK for iOS 2.0 Beta version, 1.9 version and initial version to build SEAM client.

Kindly suggest here to resolve this issue.

Jitendra Kansal Martin Grasshoff Bill Froelich team any help or suggestion on above issue?

Thanks in advacne,


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2 Answers

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Jitendra Kansal
Nov 07, 2017 at 08:57 AM

Janarthanan Elangovan

Quick guess, add comma (,) at the end of TokenUrl



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Hello Jittu,

Thanks for your quick response, yea we actually added comma(,) at the end of TokenUrl, but still issue is remain same.. When we tried with SapTechEd user settings it works fine. just would like to know is there any limitation to access OAuth authentication at application security level for trail account.?

any solutions on above issue.?


Hi Janarthanan Elangovan ,

For TechEd exercise, client was built by team already. Were you able to build client your own? No limitation to access OAuth as such


we have made MDK client available yesterday, download it.

Follow instruction after unzipping it. (Xcode 9 required)

Let me know in case of any further hiccups.




Thanks Jittu,

By using new MDK client we are able to achieve login page for our trail account BrandedSettings.json file configuration..




You should really log a new question for this as it is a different issue than the original question.


Sure Bill will move to new question and will close this read..



Bill Froelich
Nov 07, 2017 at 11:45 AM

You are missing a comma at the end of the TokenURL line in your BrandedSettings.json. The new v2 Mobile development kit that was just released this week (on the SAP Store) corrects this for the default BrandedSettings.json file.

When launching the client if you see Safe Default Data on the Welcome screen you know there is some problem with your BrandedSettings.


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