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Jan 17, 2008 at 01:13 PM

ALV Output to Spread sheet.. all integer,date fields are moved to last .


My requirement is that, Downloading the ALV displayed data into Excel.

So, I gone Menu >List >Export-->Spreadsheet

But, I observed that, the Currency, Date, Unit columns r coming in the last of spread sheet and with out any color(where as other columns does hv some color!)

I am expalining with the example .

when we take the table SFLIGHT.

Go To SE16 and give table SFLIGHT

and then go for it contents..

then the sequence of cloumns in ALV o/p is as follows..

Carrid,Connid,Fldate,Price,Currency ,PlaneType,seats Max,Setats Occ and others..

But when I goto TableEntry >List >Export-->Spreadsheet

->Table->Micro soft Excel..

we will ge the excel Carrid,Connid,Currency ,PlaneType,

Fldate,Price,seats Max,Setats Occ and others..

The Order is Changed.

1 - So, its the SAP default property? OR Do I need do/code some thing, to resemble the ALV displayed data(to meet my requiremenet)?

2- Generally, Wht is the procedure to get thru my requirement? I mean, am I doing correct?

Your help is appreciated.

With Regards,


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