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Jan 17, 2008 at 11:26 AM

Problem with Polling interval at sender side in JDBC adapter



I have some problem in investigating one serious issue using this polling interval,

I am using the sender JDBC adapter where i used polling interval as

60(in secs) and 1(in Msecs).

So it comes upto 60.001 secs of polling interval.

There are nearly lots of threads which are in sleeping state on one particular sender channel making the J2EE hang. When i went to look inside the CPA cache i saw that the polling interval was mentioned as only 1Msec rather than 60.001 Secs because of which with in some seconds all the threads are blocked and J2EE hangs due to lack of threads.

Can you please provide some solution to this problem as soon as possible?

Here are few questions which i got when i am doing this process,

1. Is that the polling interval is sum of 60(secs) and 1(msec)?

2. Which value is been read either secs or msecs?

3. Will there be any precedence among those two values(secs and msecs)?