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Oct 17, 2016 at 03:52 PM

Q: Erroneous document/object duplicates in ZARIX tables



10+ year SAP archive with 15.000 assigned containers of 100MB size each


Different documents or objects across multiple years appear with exact same ID in a ZARIX table structure. Example: ID12345(2014) and ID12345(2004).

However, the SAP standard transaction SARI displays only first appearance ID12345(2014), but omits any subsequent appearance, any older document/object cannot be viewed nor retriewed without additional manual efforts.

Standard solution

SAP Help suggests a re-partitioning by means of building up and removing the table structure, which – given the size of the archives - would require a 10-12 month project at likewise costs.

Alternative solution?

Is there a different standard SAP or SAP partner provided alternative at less cost and shorter time frame than above?

Regards, Ralf