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MD04 Dependant requirment abnormal requirment

Oct 17, 2016 at 03:49 PM


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Hi All,at the year end suddenly high requirement has come up...what may be the reason...Is it due sales forecast how to check it...?..We have standard REM Scenario...
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Umesh Mali Oct 18, 2016 at 09:39 AM

Hi Harshal,

Please follow the step suggested by expert Venkatesh.

As requirement generated for ROH material (Material type ZROH). Means this material has been used for many header material.

There are 999 Ind requirement.

first go to CS15 and check for how many header material this component has been used. Listed down all the header material list if it is less then 999 header material means some inconsistency is there.

Check for couple of header material and makes sure they have some requirement.

please check and confirm

I hope this information helpful to you


Umesh Mali

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capture2.pngHi Venkatesh,Umesh ,

I checked Cs15 its showing 146 semifinished materials link but those are also linked to different semifinished or finished ones so it may be possible 999 materials. Also checked pegged requirement they also seems to be adding up...some parts are intercompany ones so BOM not showing it how to check it for eg below 31042483 form plant 6290 but quantity for 30010182 from plant 6140 which is a phantom one which has above RAW is it really a issue or not ...I am confused if not a issue then why only for a single that they have piled up so large data. Anything to do with scheduling agreement..?

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Also Planned order finish dates are a year ahead for finished date 13.12.2017 and start date 31.12.2016

Venkatesh Babu Oct 18, 2016 at 08:29 AM

Hello Harshal,

First of all find out the dependent requirement which is arrived from which parent material

then check that material any demand has been updated with that quantity

if that much demand was not there then check

for that parent material BOM to ensure the Base and Component quantity

this might be for making 1 Base quantity they may have defined the component quantity as Bulk, hence system has calculated the more quantity through MRP



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