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Former Member
Jan 17, 2008 at 06:38 AM

How do i create a database connection frm my InteractiveForm to MS SQL 2005


I now have an Adobe Interactive Form that i deployed using SAP Netweaver.

The next thing i need to do now is to create a database connection to connect my form to MS SQL 2005 without using SAP Netweaver, is there any way i can do this? Because i need to allow the form to be pre-filled when my form is being Downloaded.

Scenario: When user clicks on a download button on the web, they will download my form, and when they download my form, the form will be pre-filled and the information to be pre-filled depends on the user's login ID.

Is there anyway i can create this database connection?

I will award points as long as the information provided is useful in anyway at all.. =)

Thanks in Advance..