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Nov 08, 2017 at 03:00 PM

What would cause HXE Smart Data Integration (SDI) configuration tool Connection refused error?


Would you kindly let me know where I went wrong during the installation of SDI on HXE?

The environment is HXE 2 SPS02 (2017-10-17) installed via OVA onto VMware.

The Data Provisioning Server has been enabled on the tenant database (dpserver shows up active on port 39043).

Using the Data Provisioning delivery unit has been deployed (though, to deploy onto the tenant db, the script originally gave an error – it was trying to deploy onto the systemdb. Within installSDI() I changed the reference to “$(HOST_NAME):3$(INSTANCE) 15” to “$(HOST_NAME):3$(INSTANCE) 41” and after running the script received a deployment successful message).

As the hxeadm user ran sudo ./hdbinst (within the HANA_DP_AGENT_20_LIN_X86_64 directory) and received a successfully completed message. The default values were accepted other than the User Name for the Agent service – hxeadm was entered.

Attempting to run the ./dpagentconfigtool (within the /usr/sap/dataprovagent/configTool directory) receive the following error:

  • The .log file only has a message “java.lang.Exception: Config tool start failed”.

I’d appreciate any thoughts you may have on the root cause of the connection refused error. Thank you.


hxe-sdi-error.jpg (231.2 kB)