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Jan 17, 2008 at 04:56 AM

Price and Conditions


Hi All ....

Need your help to understand Pricing and conditions system in SAP and how to use in practical business enviorement ....

From SAP help ... what I could understand ,

1) There is a calculation schema (pricing procedure ) which can be assigned to Purchase Organization ( or group of pur Org ) and/or to vendor (group of vendor )

2) This calculation schema can have multiple condition types

3) Condition types have Condition tables

4) Access sequence is assigned to each condition tables within the Condition Type

5) There are condition records where actual price / discount etc data is maintained.

I may be wrong somewhere, sorry for that ......but my actual problem is I couldn't map it out with the actual business cases.

Therefore i would appreciate if you people can help me out with a actual business example regarding the usage of these conditions.

Thx in advance