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Jan 16, 2008 at 09:57 PM

Delivery Blocks not included for Service Deliveries


Thank you for taking a minute to read my process problem. This is my first time posting on the SDN website. I look forward to eveyone's feedback.

After note 617497, SAP applied a fix that in my opinion did not seem necessary.

Both Service - Sales Orders and New Sales Orders utilize the same process structure and programs for creating deliveries that including Sales organization, Distribution channels ect (basically the process to return a RMA is the same as shipping a sales Order). IT seems only natural that when you set a status to create a delivery block (via configuration) in the Material Master (field: MVKE - VMSTA or MSTAV distribution chain status or cross distribution chain status respectively). The end result would be that all deliveries are blocked. After SAP note 617497 a change was hard-coded that now excludes service orders and the process only now blocks new sales orders.

I am aware that you can set the block status in each sales order schedule line. My overall problem is that this type of process to manage thousands of order schedule lines individually does not seem anywhere efficient and if there are locked / entries being processed it drives additional room for errors or product to slip by a process that should have been blocked in the first place.

Will SAP in the future define an additional configurable option for the sales status to block Service Order deliveries in future versions of SAP?

Does anyone have any suggestions on best practices that have been successfully implemented to set delivery blocks for all service and sales orders without changing SAP's core code or maybe other simplified process ideas?

Side note, We will be upgrading fom SAP_APPL 500 Patch level 13 to the latest version in 6 months.

Thanks for your time,