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Jan 16, 2008 at 06:54 PM

How to upload and download Long text for WBS, Project, Network


Hi all,

I have two isssues.

1) I am extracting Projects, WBS , Network , Network activity and network activity element from a SAP 4.7 system using bapi's





I am able to get all the details except long text. I want to know how do i extract the long text other than getting it manually by using select_text and Read_text Function module, is there any bapi to achieve this.

The reason why i am not using Function modules Read_text and Write_text is, object name( TDNAME ) value stored in STXH table for project, wbs and network are the project, wbs and network itself so i dont have any issues with this but the TDname value for activity and activity element are completely different ( Routing number and counter is stored respectively ) which i am not getting as the part of the bapi(BAPI_NETWORK_GETINFO) output.

2) I have to upload the extracted Project and it sub object data to ECC 6.0 system , i am able to achieve this by using BAPI's BAPI_PROJECTDET_CREATE, BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN and BAPI_NETWORK_MAINTAIN. I am not able to load the longtext for the same, is there any way to load the long text .

All help will be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajanidhi Rajasekeran.