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Duplicate entry. Serial Number XXXXX already exist." in SAP HANA for the STO inbound .

Nov 08, 2017 at 04:56 AM


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I am facing the error of serial number already exist when adding the serial number to the outbound delivery for a customer sales order after the serial number in question was transferred from Plant to Plant via STO process in SAP HANA

Here is my business process in details:

1. We have created an STO for a plant to plant transfer of serialized goods.

2. We maintain the Serial numbers on the STO outbound delivery. Once we post the goods issue, the output type SPED is generated and an Inbound Delivery is created for the receiving plant.

3. With output type SPED, we are transferring the serial numbers from plant to plant. (We use the same material # and same equipment serial number profile on both plants)

4. A customer sales order is dropped against the transferred goods on the receiving plant. We generate the sales order and process the outbound delivery, TOs, etc. While entering the serial number (same serial number that came on STO) on the outbound delivery for the customer sales order, the system prompts error msg. "Duplicate entry. Serial Number XXXXX already exist."

Please suggest the possible solutions.

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What is the message number ?


getting the message in the customer PGI idoc : IO201 error message saying serial number xx cannot be used here.


IO201 is Serial number xx cannot be used here

but before you were talking about message Duplicate entry. Serial Number XXXXX already exist for which you were asked about the message number.


no its my bad its serial no cannot be used here and not the duplicate serial number IO201 error number.


you emphasized S4HANA in your subject line, shall we conclude that it worked before you upgraded to S4HANA?

Please look in that blog to understand when this message is issued:

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1 Answer

Vivek Gopal Nov 08, 2017 at 06:56 AM

We are using the same serial number in STO Delivery PGI which gets flown to the other plant inbound delivery document. then when we make a customer order - delivery PGI for the other plant we use the same serial number showing that it is moving to customer. At that time we are getting the error. IO201 message number as during the inbound delivery to other plant the serial number status is not changing and it is showing used in delivery as it is used in the previous plant during the PGI.

this is in SAP HANA system.

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