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Jan 16, 2008 at 04:38 PM

Read out properties generated by XLF files


Dear community,

I have a problem reading out property files generated by Web Dynpros XLS (S2X-Editor). What I have to do is generate a printer-friendly version of my Web Dynpro views to enable users to get a printable report.

Now my problem is reading out the property-files generated by Web Dynpro with a java utility class.

I think my attempt fails, because those property files for each view follow a naming convertion, which is like this:



so when I try to access those property files with a call like

	 Locale sessionLocale = WDResourceHandler.getCurrentSessionLocale(); 
	 ResourceBundle resourceHandler = ResourceBundle.getBundle("com.mypackage.mysubpackage.MyViewName.wdview",sessionLocale);

I guess the resourceHandler thinks "wdview" is the name of my resource and tries to resolve this name to a propery file such as

Am I missing something? Did anyone experience a similar behaviour or knows a working work-around?

My SAP-solution would be to duplicate code (...) which is no fun and a real pain when application texts are changed on later development stages...

Thanks for your support!