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Former Member
Jan 16, 2008 at 02:28 PM

MRP Dep Demands


I am looking to located the data MRP (MD04/MD05) shows as a MRP Element type "DepReq".

So far I am looking at RESB data for:

XLOEK (deletion flag) is NULL

PLNUM (planned order number) is not NULL

WERKS (plant) is our global planning plant 1111

This logic looked good but when we did spot checks on certain items in MD04 we found the logic above was also getting what MD04 shows as a MRP Element "PldOrd"

What I have been asked with doing is looking at the dep reqs and see if that material has been used/ordered in the past by our repair facilities/plants. We are new on SAP and we have a concern that our R-BOMs are bad resulting in sending dep reqs to us for items that history shows they have never needed.