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How to get the List of users who executed a Calculation View in HANA

Hi HANA Experts

I want to know the list of Users who executed a Particular Calculation view in HANA. This is to analyze which report the business is more interested.

Kindly help me how to achieve this.

Rufus Samuel

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  • Hi Florian

    Thanks for your response. As per your comments I checked on some Audit tables mentioned below but could not find the right information from that.

    Can you provide me some standard views which will be more useful to retrieve the needed information.


    Rufus Samuel

  • I think all is described in the documention (link I posted above + the sub-chapters).

    It is not just searching in an existing table or view. You have to configure the Auditing functionality and you have to analyze the result produced by the functionality.

  • For that you can use the Auditing functionality of HANA. Activate auditing and define an auditing rule which considers the view(s) you are interested in. Depending on the auditing target (e.g. log or database table) you have to write your own little report to extract the data you are interested in (e.g. the users executed the view in a specific period of time).

    Best Regards,

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