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Error calling the SCP Portal Service API using SAP API Business Hub?

Hello SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service API and SAP API Business Hub Experts,

as one of the answers to my other question OAuth 2.0 to Cloud Portal to assign SAP Cloud Platform Catalogs to PFCG Roles stated that the API I try to use there is not a public one, I tried my luck with the API Manage Custom UI5 version that is published on SAP API Business Hub. But unfortunately also with this API I don't have any luck. I've tried the following steps:

a) behaviour with the Sandbox

1. I open up the Endpoint "/customSAPUI5Version/versions":

2. I click on the "Try it out" button.

3. I get the following error message:

{  "fault": {    "faultstring": "Failed to resolve API Key variable request.header.apikey",    "detail": {      "errorcode": "steps.oauth.v2.FailedToResolveAPIKey"    }  }}

b) behaviour against an SCP Account

1. I've clicked on link called "Configure" beside the API Endpoint dropdownlist

2. There I've maintained the Full Qualified Hostname of the SAP Portal Service of the SAP Mentors Account sponsored by SAP IT:

3. Then I open up the Endpoint "/customSAPUI5Version/versions":

4. I click on the "Try it out" button.

5. I get the following error message:

Access to the specified resource has been forbidden

The URL used for this request was

6. When I use instead the URL then after a SAML2 authentication via SAP ID Service I get the following result:

The Documenation on "OAuth Configuration Steps" for the Portal Service are also not helpful as this describes only the usage from an Java Application and not via the API Portal.

Best regards

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