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Jan 16, 2008 at 09:55 AM

Module Pool info req??



I need soem info abt module pool.

I had an application,in whcih after putting the certian info or vaules on sceen,& on save button,it generate a unique no. say a S.No,through which the data is stored in the master table,

but my user said that,if simultanously 2-3 user uses this application & press the save button at same time,than only one unique no (S.No.) is generated whcih is displayed to all & only 1 record is stored in the masted table,but at the same time (in actual),there shd be 3 S.No that to be generated & shd be unique to all.

so how to make it correct,can any one plz tell me abt this?

is this related to commit -area.