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Oct 17, 2016 at 07:05 PM

Superior Commitment Item versus Sets


Hi all,

I have a requirement to create a hierarchy for commitment items. The client has a very large file of commitment items to be uploaded in the system and I have decided to create groups as superior commitment item as this makes it easier for me to create an LSMW which loads everything but automatically creates the hierarchy. The disadvantage is I cannot show budget roll ups in my reports using superior commitment items. Alternatively, tcode FM_SETS_FIPEX1 allows me to create a hierarchy which can show a roll up of budgets by groups in standard budget reports. But the disadvantage of this is I have to manually create the entire list of commitment items (thousands). I have sort the help of developers to create an upload program but they are finding it difficult to identify function modules for uploading FM sets.

Kindly help with some thoughts on this. Am I wrong that superior commitment items cannot roll up budgets in a report?

Which function modules can be used to upload FM sets?