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Inspection lot generated but stock not posting in Quality inspection.

Nov 07, 2017 at 10:13 AM


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Hi Gurus,

While running a scenario for incoming Goods receipt inspection(Insp type 01), i have maintained the below settings in the system:-

1. Post to insp stock tick in material master QM view.

2. Quality info record created.

After doing GR for Purchase order, although the inspection stock is getting generated but the stock is not posting in Quality inspection.

We are able to do results recording but in usage decision, the inspection lot tab is not showing up.

It is behaving differently with different purchase orders:-

1. With some purchase orders it is getting posted directly in unrestricted, though during MIGO it is showing stock type as (Quality inspection)

2. With some other PO's it is not at all getting posted. only the on-order stock is reducing as per GR quantity(Checked COGI and no entries were found).

Could you please advise what settings i might be missing for stock not being posted to Quality inspection.


Srinath K

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Hi Srinath,

Can you see the material stock in MMBE under "Quality Insp."

If yes then Provide the snapshot for....

1. MMBE stock

2. Insp. Setup View from Material master (May be some fields are not checked ).sample snapshot is attached here for your reference to cross check with your data in material master.

qm.jpg (53.8 kB)

Hi Ravish,

Stock not posting in Quality inspection.

Please find below screen shot from inspection setup.



Srinath K


What is the setting for "Control isnLot" for the material for the 01 inspection type?


Hi Craig,

The "Control isnLot' is maintained as For each material document item.

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