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FICA-X: FPE1 enter VAT code on Business Partner line

Nov 07, 2017 at 07:54 AM


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Hi all,

I'm trying to post a document with transaction FPE1, using main / sub combination 0100 / 0010. When I insert on the BP-line a VAT code, e.g. HI (21%), the VAT code disappears after I press enter. Why is it not possible to insert manually a VAT code on the BP line ?

After a closer look, it is possible via Posting area S001, to maintain a VAT code per main / sub combination. When I then start FPE1 again, indeed the VAT code appears on the screen but you cannot change it anymore. Since we use many VAT codes, does this mean that you have to create as many main / sub combinations as there VAT codes ?

This seems strange to me, please advice ?

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2 Answers

William Eastman
Nov 07, 2017 at 02:50 PM

That is the normal scenario for north America. Charges are taxable/non based on type of charge (main/sub) and customer (adid).

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Sakshi Verma Mar 16 at 01:16 PM


1.You can maintain tax code in EK02 and posting area “R001” corresponding to the combination of main and sub transaction.

For e.g.: Tax code “A0” (5%) has been maintained for main (0100) and sub transaction (0010). If you select this main/sub combination for posting a document for any Contract account or BP, tax code A0 will automatically get triggered and you won’t be able change it.

2.You can also maintain Tax code at Contract account level in the Master data.If tax % varies for majority of Contract accounts then maintaining tax code at contract level is suggestible.

These are the standard functionalities we have.

Hope it helps.



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