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Oct 18, 2016 at 11:41 PM

FF7A invert prefix of planning group

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Dear all,

I set up FF7A and everything is working technically correct. However, there is one Group I defined,which should be shown with an inverted prefix.

Currently, the GL accounts being taken into account from that group are set up in a way that a negative balance means that we have money and a positive balance means that we owe money. Due to the fact that there are more groups than this one adding them up falsifies the total balance.

At the moment I enter a memo record of = (-2)*total balance of the group to this specific group everyday in order to correct this. But this should not be a permanent solution.

I was thinking about setting up another GL account where the GL accounts of this group can post to just to invert the prefix. Unfortunately, this is not possible and I’m looking for another solution.

Any ideas?

Thank you inadvance!