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Stop sending webi scheduled blank reports with 2 data sources

Nov 06, 2017 at 04:47 PM


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We have a schedule which sends out report in excel format to a server.It has 2 datasourses- 2 BEx queries.If one of the query does not return data, schedule sends out blank report even if the other datasource contains data. If the report is run ad-hoc ,it comes back with a pop-up saying ' No data to retrieve in X query '. But we can click on that message box and the data from the other query at least shows up on the report. How to address this issue in the schedude when the report is ran in the background?

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2 Answers

Sateesh Kumar Bukkisham Nov 06, 2017 at 05:39 PM

Hi ,

Is that schedule configured with Publication ?

is "One database fetch per user" is enabled for publication ? Check users authorization on queries .


Sateesh B

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No , it is a simple schedule created on top of WEBI report.


Just to confirm ,is same user id using for refreshing and scheduling ?

can you try with new schedule ?

Nov 06, 2017 at 04:52 PM

it seems you are getting data in one query but in report display you don't have matching condition records from both the you have matching records based on the conditions in both the queries?

check if any filter applied at report level and for which data is available or not

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Both the queries run for same fiscal period but they do not have matching conditions. We would like to display data on the scheduled report from whichever query it finds data . It does that when the report is run ad hoc but not in the background.


do have single block or multiple block in the report?

is your block in the report based on the one query or multiple queries?

do you have any filter condition at report level? if yes then is there any record coming in the report based on the filter condition?


There are 4 blocks on 4 queries.2 of the queries (one cube) return data while other 2 (another cube)do not.Yes there are filter conditions on 2 queries and we do get data for them.


Just remove the filter condition on table and see if you are getting data or not.most probably it is happening because of some data filter conditions.