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Jan 15, 2008 at 06:53 PM

Real time data acquisition - questions or suggestions.


Hi all,

This is what I have been experiencing with RDA. I just wanted to know if others have come across such situations or not. If so, how did they overcome it. Or you may correct me if I have been getting the whole darn thing wrong.

I have a RDA enabled datasource.

Migrated it to BI

created a real time infopack and DTP.

Assigned them to a Daemon.

And activated the Daemon by "start daemon with all infopackages".

So far so good.

infopack is scheduled and the DTP is triggered too. And the infopack automatic request closure is set to 1hour.

In the first run it gets all the delta records (2 records) from RSA7 and loads it all the way to ODS. good.

Now I created another new record in ECC. and the RDA picks up the 2 new records and loads it all the way.

Now in my delta queue I still find 4 records. From the documentation I was under a impression the delta queue is deleted after the data has been loaded to BI thru RDA. That doesnt happen in my case. Is this a expected behavior.

And after some time, I dont post any records in ECC, and the daemon stays active for some time and gets terminated (not inactive)- is this the expected behavior. And when I manually close the request from the terminated daemon, the daemon turns inactive. And when I try to active it - by scheduling all infopackages - i get the following msg.

Daemon process finished, initializing control tables

Message no. RSCRT254

And the Daemon never gets activated again. I can only activate it - when I manually load the delta from a regular infopack and load to ODS thru standard DTP and activate. So how do I make the Daemon not go into terminated state.

And even I see that the PSA requests have a status - "not further updated to the dataproviders thru delta". even though the requests have been updated to DSO by RDA DTP. Is this normal too???.

Sorry for the lengthy thread but thats what the RDA is doing to me.

Forgot to mention we are on SP13

Any insights are appreciated.



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